Flint's Claressa Shields has qualified for the national top amateur award.  After winning the first ever female middleweight boxing gold medal, Shields historic victory is placing her in position for another award.  Not only did Flint's Shields win a gold medal, she became the second youngest person to do so.

After winning the gold medal Shields has proved she is a great role model for other youth in our area.  Returning back to Flint Northwestern High School to finish her education, Shields has the opportunity to win the top award for what the sports world calls the 'Oscars.'

Shields in one of 15 finalist for the AAU James E. Sullivan Award which has been around longer than the uber hyped Heisman Award.  The James E. Sullivan award is not solely on athletic ability.

Based on the qualities of leadership, character, sportsmanship, and the ideals of amateurism, the AAU Sullivan Award goes far beyond athletic accomplishments and honors those who have shown strong moral character.

Flint's Claressa Shields can win this award but she needs our help in getting votes.  You can cast your votes for Shields until her 18th birthday which is March 17th.  Flint, lets support Shields and making sure she wins this award.