Flint's Claressa Shields won her first USA Boxing Championship belt over the weekend.  While everyone is focused on the Grammys, Flint made some positive news. 

Olympic Gold medalist Shields took the USA Boxing Championship title from Franchon Crews on Saturday night with a unanimous decision.  According to MLive, the fight started out very close between the two fighters.  As the fight progressed, Shields became stronger and more dominate.

Crews and Shields have fought on several occasions before and the fights were always close.  This time around, Shields showed her dominance earlier than usual.  Claressa's coach was quoted saying,

"She did a little better than last night but we still have a little ways to go."

Again, Claressa is making everyone here in Flint proud of her accomplishments.  We will continue to follow her career and root her on.  Good job.