Flint has another reason to have pride in the 'Vehicle City' after Claressa Shields brings home another gold medal from Puerto Rico.  The boxing machine won an unanimous bought at Cheo Aponte Tournament over the weekend. 

Shields won the female middleweight championship against Yenebier Guillen of the Dominican Republic.  This was Claressa first gold medal victory since her 2013 Bulgaria fight in the Women Junior/Youth World Championship. The Flint native spoke with MLive about her victory from Saturday night.

"Everyone was telling me that she had the remedy to beat me but I begged to differ. I made the fight hard for her and easy for me," Shields said. "With the way I have been training and focusing, the fight was a B- performance but I took it light on her and held back some, so the next time I fight her it will be a potential stoppage. She was holding the fight and throwing haymakers trying to catch me, but she couldn't."

Shields will not be celebrating the fight for long because she is due back in the ring in July.  We're proud of her success and will continue to support her endeavors as she makes us all proud.  Claressa thanked God and her fans for their support for the past couple months.

"But I want to thank God for the victory, without God I wouldn't be able to focus and keep boxing a priority. When I feel like giving up God sends a deliverer to uplift me and give me a good word so I'm just thankful for all the people God used to help me these last two months. My God is awesome."