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Jon Connor, Music News

It is something special to know that Flint's Jon Connor was able to meet and show respect to Detroit's Eminem.  It would hard press to find anyone from Michigan who does not like either rapper. 

While attending a Beats By Dre event, both Aftermath emcees were able to greet each other.  Connor revealed to MTV about what he told Em when they met.

"Yo, being from Michigan, thank you, for the road that you’ve paved, for me to come and be able to do what I’m doing.”

The Flint native even revealed getting sent to detention at Powers Catholic High School for rapping 'Forget About Dre' lyrics.  He hasn't allowed the fame from the XXL magazine freshmen cover to blind him from his humble starts.

“I’m from Michigan, so that’s like a kid from Brooklyn getting to meet Jay Z, or a kid from Chicago getting to meet Kanye.”

It is great to see Connor rise in the entertainment world.  He's been putting in work for a long time and now the world gets to see what we all knew for a long time.