Flint's Shava Jay 'Finish Line,' produced by Duke Williams, is a great motivating song.  Being the first female to win the 810 Local Flow was something serious.  Now, the songwriter and singer is back with new music and I think you should take a listen. 

Shava teamed up with Duke Williams for this inspirational song that will motivate you.  When times get rough and/or people are talking about you negatively, you may want to listen to 'Finish Line.'

Not everyone will go the distance, b
But you been working on your stride
All the weight you've been carrying
I know your body is tired

People may talk about you
But they don't know what you been through
But everyone so quick to doubt you
Like they don't know that He favors you.

The song is heavy synthesized which is too overbearing to listen to.  Shave delivers the strong message of not giving up and you can feel it in her lyrics.  Take a listen below and if you like it, let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comment section.