The idiot of the day goes to the Florida mom who was arrested for posting a picture to Instagram of her dangling her baby over the apartment balcony.  Jesus, take the wheel.

Aisha Clark, 25 years old, was arrested and charged with child neglect after she dangled her baby over the balcony of her apartment which was twelve feet in the air.  After police were alerted of the photo, they arrived at the home to speak with Clark.

When the officers asked her why she dangled her baby over the balcony, she allegedly said,

“I was mad and I was making a point. I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me.”

In the criminal report obtained by Bay News 9, horrible mother Aisha Clark was extremely upset and close to becoming violent while being detained.  She didn't believe that anyone should be able to tell her what to do with her child.  She continue to rant, “If you all don't get out of my face...You need to get out of my face.”

When neighbors were asked to give insight on whether Aisha is a good mother, they surprisingly told reporters that she's not a bad parent.  I don't know what they would consider a bad parent but clearly they're worse than Clark.  One neighbor even said he allows his crazy Instagram neighbor to watch his kids, crazy right?

I really hope that Aisha Clark realizes that she made a huge mistake.  She could have injured her child or even killed the kid if it would have slipped out her arms.  Parents, children are a gift from God, chill on the neglect.

I want to hear from you, do you think the police are overreacting?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.