We have another moment to shake our heads in shame today.  Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was found guilty on federal charges.  It doesn't seem like he will ever be able to turn things around in his public life.  One of the most celebrated Mayors in our country is now a felon. 

According to MLive, Kilpatrick was found guilty on 24 out of 30 federal charges connected to his time as Mayor of Detroit.  The charges are all related to public corruption, extortion, and filing false taxes.  Kilpatrick's father and best friend joins him today in court but not for support.  Both Bobby Ferguson and Bernard Kilpatrick were found guilty of several charges as well.

The charges will put the themed 'hip hop Mayor' in prison for a longtime.  Each charge could send him to jail for up to 20 years under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.  I would besurprised if Kwame will ever get out of prison.  The former Mayor is due back in court today to begin his sentencing.

Being a politician is extremely difficult because you have to make decisions that will effect a lot of people.  The job can be hard and adding extra stress like corruption and mismanaging of funds has proven to lead you down the wrong road.  Today is a perfect example of a public servant not putting the people first and trying to use their positions for personal gain.

Are they're any positive upright politicians or are they all rotten apples waiting to be exposed?