Former NBA Player Shaquille O'Neal launches men's jewelry collection.  The giant retired basketball player has joined forces with Zales Corp. to produce a men's line of jewelry.  Shaq is known for his sense of fashion and undeniable personality.  Both come together with a collection of jewelry.

Shaq's personality and Zales Corp. expertise in jewelry should work out well for both parties.  Shaq has been one of my favorite sports personalities behind Muhammad Ali and I will argue with you if you don't agree. I don't think anyone sports fan or jewelry aficionado saw this partnership coming.

Shaq and Zales launched the collection in Texas which was a surprise to Willow Bend customers.  Shaq didn't just make an appearance, he was the lead sales associate for his exclusive line.  The Shaq collection will only be available at Zales stores, outlets, and online in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. [spotted at LV]

Check out the video below of Shaq launching his jewelry collection with Zales Corp.