There are some very obvious stress factors in your life everyday like kids, money and weight just to name a few.

Woman's Day magazine found four hidden things, that when added up, might be causing some major stress to women everywhere in America.

#1.)  Your Pet. In general, studies have shown that people with pets are happier, have less stress, and live longer.  However, if you have a PROBLEM pet, that's not always the case.

If your cat or dog constantly wakes you up at night, destroys your furniture, or causes anxiety, talk to your vet, or hire a trainer.  If nothing works, it's okay to find them a new home.

Obviously, you shouldn't drop them off at the pound just because they're being a pain.  But in the long run, your pet should ENHANCE your life, not make it worse.

#2.)  Your Bedroom. Studies have found that when your home is messy, you're more likely to be anxious, unhappy, and even have mild depression.

Your bedroom should be a calm place where it's easy to relax.  So it's the most important spot to keep clean.  That means doing things like clearing off your bedside table, and not leaving dirty laundry, or even folded laundry sitting around.

#3.)  Facebook. What your FRIENDS post can stress you out without you even realizing it.

That doesn't mean you should quit Facebook altogether.  Just pay attention to how it makes you feel, and if it starts stressing you out, don't log on so much.

#4.)  The Light in Your Bathroom. How you see yourself first thing in the morning, and before you go to bed at night, can affect your self-esteem. This can affect your stress level.

Regular fluorescent lights tend to make more wrinkles and blemishes show up.  You can buy compact fluorescent bulbs that have the same color temperature as the old-style incandescent bulbs, which is best for most people.

Do you think that these are stress points in your life, or is there something that needs to be put on this list?