Frank Ocean might be surprised to find out that 'Out Magazine' readers voted him into the top three of gay men in the world.

Out Magazine rated Anderson Cooper, Zachary Quinto and Frank Ocean as the top three gay men in the world.

Ocean came out in July of 2012 in a letter that he posted on his Tumblr account saying that his first love was a man.  The rumors about who that man was have been flying around ever since.  In fact, the only person who has handled the entire situation with grace is Frank Ocean himself.

The biggest question to me is, will Hip-Hop ever accept an openly gay artist into it's ranks?  Ocean is not a rapper, but his music is embedded in the Hip-Hop world.

Macklemore is one of the first artists to point out the blatant hatred for gays in Hip-Hop, and even the fact that the word gay is a sign of negativity.

Will the perception of hate ever change in the world of Hip-Hop?