Things were tense outside of an LA nightclub Wednesday night when Game and T.I. got involved with police after a fight broke out between two men.

The reason that Game and T.I. initially got involved was because they thought that the police had beaten the two men up, but that wasn't the case.  The fight actually started inside the club when members of the rappers entourage weren't allowed inside.

A different video (watch below), shows a man laying face-down on the ground while a security guard kicks him repeatedly. Later, several guards struggle to keep another man pinned to the ground until police arrive at the scene.

During the confrontation with LAPD, T.I. can be heard saying, "Is this a crime scene? Y’all got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers."

Eventually, the huge crowd was told that security assaulted the two men. "Yo, the police didn't do it... security did!" yelled a bystander. At which point T.I. and The Game turn their attention to club’s security team and another skirmish erupts.

Watch the Intense Fight That Started Game & T.I.'s Standoff with Police