It was only a matter of time when the ice bucket challenge was going to go too far. A grandfather in Texas did the popular challenge with his infant granddaughter and shocked everyone. Jesus take the wheel!

Video of this horrible decision was posted to Facebook. Immediately everyone commentted with disgust and reported the grandfather to child protective services. The father of the infant, Claude Dalcour, took the video straight to police.

Dalcour is going through a nasty divorce with his wife and is not happy with his father in-law. He told the local news that the entire family is shocked at the reckless decision of the grandfather.

"My family was shocked, my friends were shocked, pretty much everyone I know was shocked and appalled."

I really hope the police steps in the goes after the grandfather. He put a infant in harms way by pour ice cold water on the head of 10 month old baby girl. The father can use this mishap in court for custody of the baby.