It's been a crazy week for Gucci Mane that wrapped up with a near fight in the mall and an arrest involving weed and a gun.

The whole thing started with a bunch of crazy tweets coming from Gucci's twitter account, which has since been deleted.  His brother claimed that the account was hacked, but Gucci never commented himself.

Then over the weekend this video of Gucci squaring off with another man at a mall in Atlanta surfaced.  No punches were thrown, but Gucci was definitely ready to get his 'Clubber Lang' on.

Everything came to a head when Gucci was arrested in Atlanta after a friend called police because they were worried about the way he was acting.  When officers started talking to him, he became "increasingly agitated" and started cursing and threatening the officers.

They took him to jail and found he was carrying a handgun and a small amount of marijuana. Gucci Mane is a convicted felon so he can't be in possession of a weapon.