Guccie Mane is order to pay a woman almost $60, 000 for a incident in 2011.  Gucci Mane can't seem to shack away legal issue and today we find out he has to pay a woman a nice lump sum of money.

According to, Gucci Mane has to pay $58,161.24 for medical fee, pain & suffering, and losses due to pushing her out of his Hummer while it was moving.  Why would Gucci Mane push her out of his Hummer while it was moving you ask?  She wouldn't go back to the hotel with her.  Yup, super weak!

Gucci Mane was sentenced to six months in jail over the incident and now its time for him to pay Diana Graham.  The judge has ensured Ms. Graham that she will be paid.  It doesn't look like Gucci Mane can avoid this one.