A shirtless guy is quickly becoming known as 'Football Bro' after he interrupted a high school playoff game last week, only to be pummeled by the dads of the players.

I've honestly never seen anything like this before.  We have all seen streakers or rowdy parents on the field, but NOTHING like this.

I'm guessing that this kid is drunk or maybe a little mentally off, based only on the blank look on his face as he stalks around the field.  Some people are arguing that the dads used a little to much physical force on the seemingly harmless kid, but I have to disagree.

In a time when school shootings are more frequent I think a situation like this needs to be resolved quick, and my man in the green hoodie DEFINITELY AGREES! POW!  I'm sorry, but this is the moment that dad has been waiting for his entire adult life! lol.

Watch the entire video and let us know if you think they went overboard.  Then think about one thing, if this guy were on the field in front of your kid, what would you do?