The Haribo Gummy Bears Amazon reviews has to be the funnies thing on the internet today.  Yesterday while hanging out with my family, I was introduced to the gut squeezing laughs found on the product reviews for the candy we all love. 

When I was introduced to the laughs, I thought the comments and paragraphs were fake.  I was really mistaken.  I'm glad I stumbled upon the reviews because I love to laugh.  Check them out below and share this with your friends.

  • If you've had a colonoscopy, you hate the drink.  If the gummy bears will do the job, grab them.

  • Please listen to this reviewer.  Flying for any length of time after eating the Haribo Gummy Bears, may cause similar problems.

  • ''re butt might throw up...a lot.' - That portion of the review almost had me in tears.

  • Referencing the movie 2012 was classic.  This was the first review I saw and truly set the tone for me.

  • The use of profanity may have been much but referencing the film Exorcism was classic.  It maybe lengthy but please the full review.