Hines Ward showed yesterday, at his retirement press conference, why he will always be remembered as an NFL great.

It won't be because of the receiving records he holds (although they will help), it will be for a quality that not many in professional sports still have . . . LOYALTY.

Hines spent 14 years in the NFL, every single one of them as a Steeler.  He holds every major receiving record for the team, and was an integral part of their two championships.

Ward made it clear that he could still play, but he didn't want to play for anyone else.  He said: "I can say that I'm a Steeler for life and that's the bottom line, that's all I've ever really wanted."

In a time of money hungry players and owners, and showmanship beating out sportsmanship, it's refreshing to see such sincerity.

We salute you Hines.

Hines Ward Emotional Retirement Announcement