Many Facebook users aren't very happy with the new changes to the social networking site. Facebook made the changes yesterday and instantly had a overwhelming negative feedback from it's users.

Facebook added a new update feed in the top right of the page that updates statuses, also adding a new Top story feature. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was unable to be reached for comment as he was counting his $10.6 Billion.

Seriously though is you wanna go back to how things used to be, check out the directions below! Make sure you also add Club 93.7 on Facebook to stay up to date on everything and for you chance to win! And make sure you copy the link and re-post this so others can change back.


1. On Facebook, click “Home” in the upper right corner of your screen


2. Then, on left side of page click “Lists” and “Create List

3.  Name your list (we used “Everyone”), and click Create List button

4. Next, “Add Friends” to your Everyone list.

5. To find PAGES, click “Friends” on top left, then “Pages“. Find pages, click to add them and click DONE.

6. Now when you click “Everyone” on left side, you’ll see your old Facebook you know and love!