A Connecticut High School football player has been charged with murder after stabbing his boyfriend several times.  The stabbing caused the death of an older male after an argument broke out. 

Tarence Mitchell, 18 years old, stabbed his boyfriend Ronald Taylor Jr, 27 years old, to death on Thursday night.  Taylor showed up to Mitchell's home unwanted and an argument broke out.  Mitchell decided to end their two year relationship over Taylor's jealous streaks which took the negative incident to another level.

What sparked Mitchell's rage was Taylor posting material on Facebook exposing their gay relationship.  Police believe that Taylor attacked the high school football player by punching him in the face. Tarence retaliated by stabbing Taylor.  When Taylor tried to runaway, the football star chased after him and stabbed him again.

Tarence Mitchell was arrested and charged with murder.  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.