Rumors are running around that Kanye West might be the man that Frank Ocean was talking about when he said that his first love was a man.

The site Starpulse reported the following story about the two.

It’s the latest rumor in music: after Frank Ocean made a heartfelt revelation that he had a gay relationship when he was 19, everyone had been wondering if the unnamed man mentioned was a celebrity. There’s even a growing belief that it’s Kanye West, who helped mentor the singer.
However, Ocean’s post says he and his lover were both 19 – and his lover was also with a woman at the time. In reality, West is 6 years older than Ocean… but some say he changed the aged to help protect the man’s identity.
Ocean kicked West off the production of his debut album Channel Orange, citing he wanted to do it on his own – but perhaps he didn’t want censorship of his lyrics.

So is there any truth to this?  Probably not but you knew it wouldn't be long before everyone started to ask the question of who?