If you haven't seen 'Marry Me' video with Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks, you probably missed that they got married.  You have to see the visual treatment below.

Derulo and Sparks have been dating for awhile now and seem to be really serious.  I'm talking about everyday serious relationship, not the celebrity love that only last 30 days.  When Derulo was severely injured, Sparks was by his side everyday.

During the video, Derulo finally pops the question to Jordin.  She says yes and we get a glimpse of they playful love throughout the fore coming years.  The chemistry on camera came off very authentic.

After watching this video, I started to wonder, how will I propose to my girlfriend when the time is right?  Ladies, I need your help.  What are some things I should stay away from when thinking about asking the big question?  Leave your responses in the comment section below.