The super entertainment couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary overseas which is not unusual for the couple.  However, Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to visit the communist country of Cuba which has some members of Congress upset.  If found guilty, the Carters could have to pay big bucks for violating Trade Embargo.

The uber successful couple decided to spend their anniversary with close family in Havana, Cuba.  Pictures surfaced of them walking through the streets greet the residents of Havana and even dining in at several restaurants.  Seems like a typical celebrity vacation rights, not really.

Former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s placed the Embargo Act in place to prevent American tourist to visit Cuba.  American businesses have not been able to trade with Cuba for 51 years.  The United States Treasury Department can fine Americans heavily who overlook the sanctions.  So it seems as if Jigga and Bey are going to pay up.

According to Sandra Rose, Miami Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen calls American trips to Cuba, “indoctrination” of Americans