Jay-Z and Timbaland have made countless hit records throughout the years and now they reunite on Roc Nation's record label.  Without explicit details of the deal, it seems that Timbaland signed an artist deal. Regardless of the deal, we're happy the two are back together. 

The chemistry between the two entertainment giants is undeniable.  In the film 'Fade To Black.' we catch footage of Jigga flying to Miami to visit Timbaland for beats for the 'Black Album.'  They have both produced great songs like 'Big Pimpin,' 'Dirt Off Ya Shoulders,' 'Jigga What,' and 'Hola Hovito.'  There are several more songs between Hov and Tim and the most recent is 'Suit and Tie' which features Jay-Z on Justin Timberlake's comeback single.

Timbaland has found success in the music industry with his production efforts.  Timbo has worked with everyone and have seen success.  Remember the song 'Sexy Back' by Justiin Timberlake?  How about Aaliyah's 'One In A Million?'  Timbo produced those tracks and many more.  So as you should know, Timbo is a producer that makes hits and now will do so with again with Jay-Z Roc Nation label.

Jigga Man and Timbaland reuniting on Roc Nation record label is a sign of good things to come. What is your favorite  Jay-Z and Timbaland song of all-time?