Jay Z shocked fans when he invited a 12 year old named Justin on stage during his 'Magna Carta' tour in North Carolina, but the real shock came when Justin grabbed the mic during 'Clique'.

Jay invited him up saying, "Step up to the big stage big man, you made it!'

The situation only got better when Justin asked if he could rap, and told J that he didn't even need any music!  He proceeded to kill the verse and wow the crowd!

The whole thing went down so flawlessly that many people thought it was all set up, but according to Justin's mom Angela, they were just as surprised.  She had taken her son to the concert on Saturday. Justin's dream was to "get noticed" by Hova and he was crushed when he was overlooked as he sat in the 8th row. On the ride home they decided to give it one more try and she bought tickets to the next day's show and scored front row seats.

Angela said nothing was set up and that Justin jumped up with his sign and this time Jay Z noticed. After the concert, Jay was true to his word and took them backstage. They talked for 5 minutes. No numbers were exchanged and Jay said nothing about signing the kid.

What what might be the start of a huge career for young Justin.