According to TMZ, Jay-z is being sued for not paying workers compensation insurance for three months in 2009.  The Roc Nation CEO, Jay-z,  has been ordered by the courts to pay $18,000 in fines for the lapse in insurance coverage.  The Workers Compensation Board of New York is going after some of that Jiggaman money.  There is always three sides to a story and the second side tot he story is that source close to Jay-z saying the matter is just a clerical error and being worked out now.  Well, the third side of the story is going to be concluded after all the developments are investigated.  Doesn't look like this lawsuit will be much trouble to Jay-z seeing that it is only $18,000 or just a clerical error.  Shrugs.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Jay-Z failed to pay workers' compensation insurance for three months in 2009 -- and sources close to the situation tell us, the insurance was supposed to cover domestic employees in Jay-Z's house ... cooks, maids, drivers ... that sort of thing.

The government agency sued the rapper to collect $18,000 in fines for the transgression -- and a court has since ordered Jay to pay up.

According to the docs, it was only a momentary lapse -- after the three-month period in 2009, Jay-Z acquired the right insurance and the problem was resolved ... with the exception of the outstanding $18,000 owed.

A source close to Jay-Z claims the rapper never lapsed in his workers' comp payments -- telling us, the $18,000 bill is the result of a clerical error ... which is currently being sorted out.