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Jay-Z was hit with a lawsuit Wednesday morning for a sample he used in hit single 'Run This Town.' The suit was filed by a New York based record label.

TufAmerica INC, filed paperwork to sue Jay-Z and his entertainment for illegal use of a sample of a song they owned. 'Run This Town' was one of the greatest hits on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 album and it featured Rihanna.

Run this Town has officially been removed from Jay-z and Rihanna's Vevo accounts and the video has also been removed.

According to New York Post:

TufAmerica says it acquired the rights “Hook & Sling,” which was sung by Eddie Bo and produced by Al Scramuzza, in 1996 as part of a package of a deal that covers songs released under Scramuzza’s record label. It claims that samples from the song are used “dozens of times” in “Run This Town.”

“TufAmerica did not authorize the defendants’ reproduction, distribution or public performance of the audio recording ‘Run This Town’ in a music video or in the albums,” the suit says. “Defendants did not have any right to reproduce, distribute or publicly perform samples of … Hook & Sling.”

The suit seeks a court order blocking the defendants from “any further distribution or exploitation” of the song “Run This Town.”


Check out the original single that was sampled, 'Hook and Sling' By Eddie Bo, can you catch the 'Run This Town' sample?

This is not the official video from the Jay-Z Vevo, but a recording of the video.