Jellybeans on Fenton Rd. went up in flames Wednesday night after the roof was apparently struck by lightning.

Severe thunderstorms moved through Genesee County Wednesday night, bringing high winds and a lot of lightning.

ABC12 reports that a lightning strike on the roof of Jellybeans sparked the fire, then the windy conditions helped the blaze spread quickly.

Luckily the store was closed at the time, and nobody was injured in the fire, but this is very sad news for the stores customers.  Jellybeans is a collection of memories for many people.  If you were looking for an old comic book, record or book, Jellybeans was usually the place to go.

This is the second beloved business on Fenton Rd. to burn down this year, after Canton restaurant was destroyed by a fire in January.

 ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI