Jennifer Lopez called into Club 93.7 talking about her racy 'I Luh Ya Papi' video, her new album and what she cooks with LV from the #2TO6FIX.  She's reached levels of success in almost every area of entertainment from dancing, singing, acting, and modeling. 

In the beginning of the interview LV asked J. Lo how she has kept herself from aging, comparing her to Morgan Freeman.  When asked if she was a vampire, she quickly shut it down.

No... no...let's not start that rumor.

Everyone has been buzzing about the title of her 10th solo studio album.  As of now, she hasn't released the title.  LV tried to pull the information from her but Lopez would not reveal any information except that she's waiting to the last minute.

I don't know what it is yet.  I'm one of these people that wait to name my album after it is mastered.  ...Until the last minute when they're like, "WE NEED THE TITLE," then I'm like this is what this album is called. I have to turn it in, in like a week so it will be soon.

When people reach the level of celebrity as J. Lo has, you'll never expect them to do regular everyday task like cooking.  Well, when she's away from the hype of her fame, she likes to hangout with her family and cook.  Here is what she told LV she likes to cook.

I cook mostly Puerto Rican food because that is what I grew up on.  So I cook a lot of like meats, rice, beans and things like that.

Jennifer Lopez is ready to release her 10th solo studio album and you should support it. If you haven't seen her new video for 'I Luh Ya Papi,' make sure you check it out below.  Listen to the entire interview with J. Lo below and share it with your friends.