A pre-Linsanity Jeremy Lin, then with the Golden State Warriors is challenged to a friendly game of PIG. Before LINsanity hit, Adam Lustick and Matt Fisher played Lin in a game of "Pig". Guess who wins...not Jeremy Lin. It's LINsane.

Check out the video below and see what Lil Wayne had to say about Linsanity!


Weezy said:

"Jeremy Lin has been added to Rising Stars Challenge game for All-Star Weekend after recent Lin craze. Now, everyone got the Lin fever and everybody doing the Lin -- I don't, I'm trying to figure out what I call him. Well, he beat my Lakers. So ever since that game, I hate him. So I call him Lin Laden. Yeah, that's what I call him. Lin Laden. Trend that. That's what y'all need to start calling him. Lin Laden."