The similarities between Future and Desiigner have become a running joke in the rap world, and now Jermaine Dupri might have found another aspect that connects the two MCs. The OG Southern rap exec thinks he's figured out that Future's "Commas" and Desiigner's "Panda" are both the same beat.

Taking to Twitter with his revelation the So So Def head honcho posted, "This Panda beat is the exact same beat as Commas, wow!"

Obviously, this was met with some opposition from some Desiigner fans on the social networking site who thought he was just trying to take up for his fellow ATLien. So, to further explain his case, Dupri posted a video of the two beats over-layed on top one another to show the similarities. "By the way I don't care either, I was just fucking around on the tables and herd it,don't 🔫 me." he captioned the video.

While "Commas" was produced by Southside and DJ Spinz and appeared on Future's Monster mixtape from 2014, "Panda" was produced by 22-year old UK native Menace who XXL recently interviewed about the making of the track.

And, while Jermaine does have a point to say the two beats are similar, to say they are the "exact same" is a stretch. The drum patterns are similar (as with a lot of Trap Beats) which makes them sound the same when you blend them together. But there are clearly sounds that differentiate the two tracks.

But don't take us or Jermaine's word for it, check out both tracks (below) and decide for yourself.

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