Jessie J has been on the charts with 'Domino' for three months now, and is just now releasing an official video.

Back in October, fans were buzzing about a live video that was released for ‘Domino,’ and now Ms. J has revealed the final product for the official video. had this to say about her video for 'Domino'.

Overall, the visual is all about the clothes, color and Jessie J’s vivacious character. She is a ball of joy as she sings in front of a series of bright and mobile backgrounds, wearing day glow colors and bright wigs to reflect the happy song. Even though it’s a track about a girl falling for a boy, Jessie J doesn’t need a male co-star in order to produce a fun, lighthearted video for the love song. It’s all about her, and we’re just fine with that!

Check out the video and let us know what you think.