Last night Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith stole the show when they flaunted their knowledge of the 'Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing' on the Tonight Show.  Having a star studded group of people to stop by to celebrate the new direction of the show, the hip hop dancing was the highlight of the night.

The dancing moment was the greatest two minutes on television for fans of nostalgia.  Once the 'Get Jiggy Wit It' emcee started dancing with the new host of the Tonight Show, you automatically thought about the Fresh Prince days.

There were a few dances we didn't see.  What about the bank-head bounce?  I just knew they were going to do the Flava Flav dance.

This was a great way to bring attention to the shift of new host of the Tonight Show.  Johnny Carson and Jay Leno held the famous position but now it is time for Fallon.  Check out the video below and share with your friends.