Jimmy Kimmel shocked the world when he announced over Twitter that Kanye West would be on his show tonight!

The surprising beef between Kanye and Kimmel started a couple weeks ago after Kimmel made fun of Ye's BBC interview.

The entire situation was so ridiculous, and out of nowhere, that even Kimmel seemed shocked by it all.  It looked like Kanye was going to have another high profile beef to fuel for publicity, then this hit twitter.

We don't even know what to think anymore.  Is this real?  Did Kanye and Kimmel set the whole thing up? They both have been behind things like this before considering Kimmel duped us with the twerk girl and Ye faked the entire 50 Cent beef.

I guess we will all have to wait till tonight to find out if it's going to be hugs and laughs or uncomfortable rants and jabs.