Jon Connor won't stop until he's known as 'The Best in The World' literally. Connor who just dropped a project a few months ago called 'Season 2' is ready to drops a new mixtape on February 14th.

Within a 5 day period, Connor constructed a mixtape called 'The Blue Album' which derived from a series that Connor will be doing called 'The Best In The World'

The series takes legendary Hip Hop artist and re-makes their music. In this specific edition, Connor chose Jay Z and re-did a select few from all 3 Blueprint Albums which created 'The Blue Album'.

The artwork has been composed of all 3 Blueprint albums, pretty dope. The 1st leak is called 'Best In The World.' The mixtape will drop on Valentine's Day 2/14 with Executive producer and host DJ Green Lantern. Check out the track below.