When the rumors of Justin Bieber possibly fathering a 3-month old baby came out, he was silent letting his publicist do the talking.  That's changed since Bieber finally addressed the rumor over Twitter.

Justin stuck with his peoples earlier statements that the lawsuit is false, and that he was going to focus on his positive music.

Check out exactly what he said on Twitter and a video of JB going in on the Kanye and Jay 'Otis' beat.

We will all have to wait and see how the paternity issue works out.

The real question is, which is harder to believe?  That Bieber is the father of a a three month old baby, or that Bieber could go in on the 'Otis' beat and kill it?

Dj Drama gave his answer over Twitter.

Check it out as Justin Bieber shows off a new talent at Power 106.