Justin Timberlake is one of the most personable stars in music today.  He's showed off those skills on stage in the last week by helping a guy propose to his girlfriend and taking time to photobomb some fans.

Josh Clemons was the young man that stepped up on stage, then dropped down to one knee as he proposed to his girlfriend Kim Martin, after the track "That Girl".

She said, "YES!"

Obviously she said yes!  Nobody says no on stage with Justin Timberlake!  That's against the rules.

JT was back on stage later in the week when he noticed some fans taking a concert selfie.  He jumped into action and dropped a well timed photobomb on them.


You'll be able to check Timberlake out this weekend on SNL.  He is the musical guest and his good friend Jimmy Fallon is the host so you know that you'll see them together more than once during the show.