Kanye West has had some pretty infamous run ins with the paparazzi lately, so when he took the time to shake a photographers hand in Paris, it took everyone by surprise.

Kanye starts the exchange in his usual manner by telling the photogs not to ask any questions.  Then the shocking moment happens! Kanye actually comes over to the guys an explains why he likes them more than the paps in America.

The whole moment is actually very friendly, but things take an unexpected turn when a woman walking by stops and asks who Kanye is.

You can almost read Kanye's mind as he stares at her in awe, "Who am I? WHO AM I?  I'M M'r F'n KANYE WEST!" is probably what he was screaming in his head.

In my opinion, this is a perfect example of why Kanye will never reach the level of his mentor Jay Z.  When Jay was approached on a New York subway by a woman who didn't know who he was, he made it into a genuine moment.

Ye chooses to look like someone just took his puppy, and walks away.