A seemingly innocent skit by Jimmy Kimmel poking fun at Kanye West's egotastical BBC interview, has spawned an insane beef between the two.

Kimmel basically took the interview that Kanye did with the BBC, where he claimed to invent leather jogging pants, and have kids reenact it.  Check it out.

Seems harmless enough right?  And honestly, it wasn't even really that funny, but something about it got under Kanye's skin.  Kanye was so angry that he called Kimmel the next morning to tell him he needed to apologize. Kimmel said Kanye told him that life would be much better if Kimmel apologized.

Kanye took his anger to Twitter, and began to rattle off tweets hating on Kimmel, which Jimmy took the time to read on air.

Overall this is a case of Kanye having a case of the crazies, but I'm still curious to see how it will all end up.