It seems interesting to hear about who Kanye West was back in high school and today his school teachers react to his success on camera.  The beloved Chicago entertainer has been in front of many tabloid cameras and in the middle of controversy during his career.  Watch what his former teachers had to say about him.

Last night Yeezy won several Grammys but was not in attendance to receive them. Frank Ocean and Drake won last night while Yeezy was in Brazil.  It seems like you can never predict his next move or behavior.  While back in Chicago, Yeezy's teachers gives us an insight the uber successful entertainer.

It doesn't seem any of his high school teachers were surprised by his success.  So much so, Ye's P.E. teacher recalls him telling her he was going to be the best rapper of all time.  You can't pass on watching what they all had to say collectively.