Kanye West is a very busy man lately with the successful release of 'Watch The Throne' and the impending tour, you would think he wouldn't have much time to do anything else.

Kanye has found some time in his schedule lately though to put together a remix of 'Back To Black' by Amy Winehouse.  This is not the first time Kanye has taken a moment of time to honor Winehouse.  The first came shortly after her death when he performed at Britian's Big Chill Festival.  Check out the video of that performance, and what Kanye had to say about the new remix.

Kanye talked to the Daily Mirror about the 'Back To Black' remix.

"It’s pretty emotive. It’s Kanye singing from the heart — with synthesizers.” West hopes to debut the new version of the song when he goes to London to perform for menswear company Moss Bros’ 160th anniversary celebration.