Normally when Kanye West goes off on a Paparazzi, it has something to do with his huge ego, but this time the tabloid photogs are definitely in the wrong and Ye is planning on suing them.

Imagine walking out of your garage at 4am and having two people snapping pictures of you, asking "How's it going?"

You would probably be pissed off too.  Kanye responded to the idiots questions by saying, "Don't say anything to me, man. Like, stop asking me questions. You out in front of my house at 4 am, taking about 'How's it going?' It's not going good, y'all here."

Kanye later went over the footage and confirmed that the photogs were on his property, so he filed trespassing charges.

In other "Angry Kanye News", his Twitter account was wiped clean of all Jimmy Kimmel related tweets over the weekend.  If you missed the beef between the two, click on the picture below to get caught up.