Kanye and Jay Z were on stage in Chicago when Mr. West told the crowd who was to blame for his Grammy snub, and you'll be surprised who's at fault.

Kanye told his hometown that he was at fault for not being nominated for 'Abum or Record Of The Year'.

Ye told the crowd of thousands:

"People focus, they say, 'You ain't have Album of the Year or Record of the Year.' But I figured out though, that's my fault for dropping 'Watch the Throne' and 'Dark Fantasy' the same year. I should have just spaced it out a little bit more. But don't worry, because me and Hov gonna keep on making sh*t."

I don't know if this is the start of a new, more sensible Kanye, but I think he is absolutely right.

The Grammy awards are never favorable to Hip Hop as a whole.

Check out the video from the show.