Kanye West showed up at LAX ready to board his flight when a paparazzi made the mistake of talking to 'Yeezus.'  Ye only had one request for the man, and that was for him to not talk again . . . ever.

To anyone . . .

During the "Don't Talk" rant, Kanye managed to grab the camera mans camera, and push him away.  After Ye had seemingly moved past the encounter the reporter made the mistake of talking to him again.  Kanye turned and took a few steps toward him, causing the paparazzi to fall down (which will probably lead to a stupid lawsuit.)

Kanye is getting the usual treatment for his latest rant against the paparazzi, but I think we should give him a break.  Think about it, he has had a stressful few months.  He has a new baby, an album that flopped and I'm sure something else bad happened to make him forget that he has a bagillion dollars in the bank.

On second thought, he's incredibly rich, famous and will never have to worry about financially struggling ever again . . . so ROLL OUT THE REMIX!