We have featured Karmin on the site many times, and each time I fall in love with Amy a little more.  This time they take on LMFAO and their huge song, "Party Rock Anthem".  While it is the usual genius that we have come to expect, Amy slips in an original verse to the cover.  Watch her showcase some of her lyrical skills in the video.Just so the verse did not go unnoticed they decided to post the lyrics on their site below the video.

ORIGINAL RAP VERSE (written by Amy this time, not Nick at all)

Workin’ through the weekend, who’s the boss?
Run it to the end zone, Randy Moss
If everything you need in this life is free
Then tell me how the people in this club gonna drink
Fill ‘em up already tender, tell me do I need a lender
Just to show I’m no pretender, VIP I’m not a member
But if you tell me to leave I’ll say no, like ‘Get Him to the Greek’
Oh fa sho!

As always you can download the track for free right here, and keep up with Karmin on Facebook or Twitter.