Laughter pays off for comedians and fans alike especially when Katt Williams gave $1000 to a fan in a wheelchair after his show in Boston.  The comedian showed his heart for a woman battling for a new kidney which was exactly the right thing to do.

After delivering the laughs on stage, Katt Williams was informed by his security team that a woman was in a wheelchair crying.  The adult woman was brought backstage to meet Williams and revealed her health issue.

The funny man excused himself from the room and returned with a folded up paper.  Katt had autographed the paper saying, "God Never Leaves" with ten 100 dollar bills enclosed.  The woman was shocked and thought Katt was handing her some marijuana.

It is great to see Katt Williams give back to his fans in this manner.  I don't know many celebs that reach out to help fans that are in tough situations like needing a kidney.  I know celebs give to organizations but Katt went straight to the source of need.

This act of kindness may push you to be biased but where does Katt Williams rank in your top three current stand up comedians?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via TMZ