Kid Cudi surrenders gracefully in lengthy custody battle.  Cudi and the mother of his daughter have battled for over a year for who should have full custody.  In surrendering full custody, Cudi will have a chance to see his daughter.

It seems that entertainers and athletes are always in the courts over child support or custody.  Every week or so some high profile person is fighting over a broken family.  I know everyday working people are in courts too.  But the celeb aspect seems to never end.

According to TMZ, Cudi has made attempts to be a great father to his daughter by purchasing a home in the Chicago, IL area where is daughter lives.  In addition to moving to Chicago, Cudi says he has given generously to support his daughter.

The mother of the daughter is screaming the total opposite. Cudi finally surrender in the custody battle but will be able to have visitation.  The homie still has to shell out child support funds.