Lady Gaga showed off her new Audi R8 GT in Beverly Hills yesterday as she was taking her first driving lessons!

Yes she was driving a $200,000 car that goes zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds as her drivers ed car!  The paparazzi were in full force to see her, and Gaga was not very happy about it.

Luckily there were no accidents, and Gaga seemed to do just fine on her lesson.

I know that she has never really been in any kind of trouble but I just don't think that a race car is the best choice for your first driving lessons.

You hear stories all the time about a new driver panicking and punching the gas peddle, but if she did that in this car, she would be 80 miles away before anyone knew what happened.

I learned on a beat up "Oldsmobuick Corsica" and I'm pretty sure everyone else had a crappy drivers ed car too.  What kind of car did you learn on?