Lil Wayne definitely took a shot at Jay Z when he put his verse together on 'Its Good'.  The track featured Drake and Jadakiss, but Jada was the only one to speak out about the pending beef between Lil Wayne and Jay Z.

I personally though it was safe to assume that Drake was going to ride with Wayne no matter what, and that was the reason for his silence.

That took a 180 degree turn after Drake talked to MTV about the song, what he said was shocking.

Admittedly, there is no visible beef between Lil Wayne and Drake.  The two remain friends, label mates and still maintain that the co-album is on the way.

My speculation starts with how Drake answers the questions from MTV.  Not only does he not back Wayne, he goes out of his way to say that he had no part in Waynes verse.  When asked about the collaboration album, he switches the focus to his upcoming release, 'Take Care'.

So is it possible that even Drake thinks that Lil Wayne went a little to far with his subliminal Jay Z diss?  Will this be the first real internal rift that YMCMB has seen?


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