It was a typical night for Lil Wayne in New Jersey.  He was on stage, the crowd was singing every word of every song and all was right in the world.

That's when it happened.

Wayne was almost hit with some UFP (Unidentified Flying Panties).

Actually I'm sure that this was not the first time Wayne has had some girls throw their drawers at him.  He handled the situation as well as anyone could, but I think even he was surprised at what the crowd did next.Wayne picked up the panties and kept going with his song, and almost immediately was bombarded with dozens of pairs of girls Underoos.

Lil Wayne will be performing at the MTV VMA stage in August, and since the show is filmed live, it makes you wonder if they will have to have an intern on panties patrol.  I'll be getting my resume right for that job, check out his VMA teaser right here.