Two women who were supposed to dance for Lil Wayne at his concert in Hartford, Connecticut were arrested after beating up a waitress at P.F. Changs.

One of the women, Jennifer Slaughter is from our back yard, in Auburn Hills.  The other is woman is Della Hamby, and both are being charged with third degree assault.  See the mug shots and read about what exactly went down to get the women arrested.

The cat-fight started when the waitress told Hamby and Slaughter that they should have asked to have their bill split before they ordered.

The two paid and left, but when they went back to get a forgotten cell phone, sparks flew.

According to The Hartford Courant, the two tag teamed the waitress.

Witnesses told police, one pulled the waitress's hair while the other punched her. They threw the waitress to the floor and continued punching her, police said.

Slaughter and Hamby have posted a $1,000 bail and are free until Wednesday.  There is no word on if they will still be performing on Lil Wayne's "I'm Still Music" tour.

In other Lil Wayne News, he told MTV recently that The Carter IV is finished.

"The album is done and it'll be out August 29. It's totally done"

So you can either take Wayne's word for it and wait patiently, or download some new music from his Sorry For the Wait mix tape here.